A Message from Our President


I appreciate the honor of continuing to be your club President for the coming year.  I have a wonderful board to work with and I know that with the help of you, our members, we’ll be able to accomplish our goals of helping those in need. We have some wonderful organizations in our area that need our support. The Shepherd Center, the Boys and Girls Club, our library, Citizens Alliance for Progress, the Cops ‘n Kids program, to name just a few, rely on our donations and fundraisers to be able to do their work in our community.

I have chosen the Hacienda Girls Ranch in Melbourne as my special project for this year. This is our state President’s project and I wanted to follow her lead and help her help the girls who have no place to live, to have a supportive home and feel secure.  These girls are not delinquent.  They just are not able to live at home for many reasons, among them abuse, drugs in the family, etc.  The Hacienda Girls Ranch is one of GFWC Florida’s continuous projects, and we have supplied the funds to build the houses there and have supported them for many years.

I have a special love of art in all its forms, so I will continue my theme of  “Living the Creative Life”. Most people just think of creativity in its visible forms of art such as painting, photography, music, theater, etc., but it’s actually more than that. . Creativity takes many different forms and they all give you a special feeling of accomplishment. Being creative and letting your mental juices flow is invigorating and keeps you young in spirit.

My goal this year is to challenge you to be your best and get out of your comfort zone. Our annual Arts & Crafts festival will be held in January and I would love to see all of you looking through the list of categories that we will have available at our October meeting and saying “Oh, I could do that!” There are over 30 different categories of arts and crafts, and I’m sure you would be surprised to find that there is something there that you would enjoy doing.

I am looking forward to our time together this coming year, and I urge you to plan to take part in helping with our special projects such as the Fashion Show and Fall Fundraiser. I firmly believe that the only way that you can truly get to know people and feel like you’re a part of our wonderful organization is to take part in the activities, roll up your sleeves, and dive in. Come with me and live that creative life.

Remember – “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”…Ralph Waldo Emerson
Trish Gregory


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