A Message from Our President


I want to thank  all of you for the vote of confidence in me being elected to the office  of President.  It is an honor to serve in this position.   I have served on your Board of Directors as Recording Secretary, First Vice President, and President Elect.   I have attended many Fall  and Spring Conventions,  one National Convention, and numerous District Meetings.  I feel that I have a good understanding of our Club. I am very proud of this organization.

I remember my first experience with the Tarpon Springs Woman’s Club. I was invited by a friend, who was a Board member at the time, to attend a General Monthly Meeting. (Up to that point in my life I had been a very active member in another organization but I was interested in doing something different.) We walked into the meeting room and she had me register for the meeting at the Registration Table,  I was given a little colored slip of paper, and my friend  showed me to a table. ( She had already informed me that I would be sitting by myself and that she had to sit  at the Head Table.) The people at my table introduced themselves and ask me my name and we began to talk to each other. We talked the entire time and that act of kindness made me feel welcomed. I have never forgotten  that experience.

I have noticed the same thing happening at our events. Our members come to our events to mingle. We are caring,  thoughtful, and eager to join other people in open dialog.

Our club has a history of getting involved and helping out the community in whatever is needed at the time. After all our Club has been around since 1892.

My goal this year is to build on the positives. Our world is so full of negative thoughts and ideas. We are confronted everyday with negative news and all of us are frustrated. It is easy to be short and abrasive to one another. I am hoping that we all stop and think before we talk. I am asking all of us to be kind in thought, word, and deed.

Another thing that I have learned over the years,  if  you join an organization the most rewarding thing for can  you to do in this organization is to get involved.  We have so many activities and events that could really use your help. I am asking all of you to get more involved this year.

Teddy Stephen, President

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