Minutes of Meetings


DECEMBER 13, 2017

President Trish Gregory called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m. Chaplain Bonnie Laforme gave the devotional and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Our special guests for entertainment for this meeting were the Las Mariposas Folklorico Dance Troupe from the Dade City Farmworker’s Self-Help Group. Five young girls from the organization came in traditional costumes and sang a few songs and then did several Mexican dance numbers. They were charming, and well received by our members. Margarita Romo, the Director of the Farmworker’s Group, spoke briefly and received 2 checks from the club; one in the amount of $300, which is our annual contribution to their organization, and an additional $200 to go towards their music education.

The Board of Directors of the club were introduced, as well as members who serve as GFWC Florida committee members, past presidents of the club and past District Directors who are members of the club.

Since this was our special Holiday Lunch, we dispensed with the Treasurer’s Report and announced that the minutes of the November meeting could be found on our website.

Following lunch, we took a vote on allowing club members who did volunteer work for other organizations to be allowed a “blanket authorization” to report those hours in the annual report. The vote passed unanimously.

Members stood and repeated the collect, and the meeting was adjourned.


JANUARY 17, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 11:35 by President Trish Gregory. Betty Purchase gave the Devotional, which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Introductions were made for the Board of Directors, members who serve on GFWC Florida committees, past Presidents and past member District Directors, and then several visitors were introduced.

Priscilla Kowasic, Membership Chair, introduced one new member who was present and presented her with a white long stemmed rose.

There was no Treasurer’s Report, so that will be given at the February meeting.

Sharon Walling presented member Dolores Wilson with a beautiful hand-embroidered apron that she had created. The occasion was to thank Dolores for her years of service as the founder and leader of the Shutterbug Club.

Lunch was provided by Delectables Catering.

Sherry Orr, Susan McCubbin and Sherri Patterson talked about their beginnings as artists and told something about their particular mediums. The three ladies had been giving demonstrations of their art prior to the meeting, and they explained their artwork. Susan had done a Plein Air watercolor of the meeting room, Sherry did an oil painting and Sherri painted with alcohol inks on a tile.

Following the program, Sherry Orr, our Arts & Crafts Chairman, presented the winners in the Arts & Crafts competition. The 1st place winners were:

Photography: Dolores Wilson, Portrait

Dolores Wilson, Natural History

Neila O’Neil, Scenic

Trish Gregory, Feature

Photography, Enhanced: Trish Gregory , Natural History, Feature

Crafts:          Jewelry-        Mitzi Hunter

Painting-       Sherri Patterson

Paper crafts- Mitzi Hunter

Natural Materials-Mitzi Hunter

Card-             Mitzi Hunter

Floral-           Mitzi Hunter

Knitting        Neila O’Neil (Wedding Shawl)

Knitting-       Neila O’Neil (Tree of Life)

Embroidery-            Barbara Wood

Tapestry        –           Sherry Patterson

Cross stitch-             Barbara Wood

Fabric art-                 Sherry Orr

Combination-           Sharon Walling



Acrylic-                     Ellen Duquette

Pastel-                        Lynn Kopala

Water Color-             Mitzi Hunter

Drawing-                   Priscilla Kowasic

Mixed media-           Carol Coulson

Miniature-                 Carol Coulson


Best of Divison, Art    Lynn Kopala (Watercolor)

Best of Division, Crafts –

Best of Division, Photography – Trish Gregory (Enhanced, Feature)


Best of Show, Overall, was Lynn Kopala with her pastel scene.



Announcements were made following the presentation.


The members stood and repeated the Collect, which is printed at the back of the program.


The meeting was adjourned



Minutes submitted by Trish Gregory, in the absence of the Secretary