Paypal information

To make your participation in Women’s Club events easier, you can pay with PayPal! It’s easy. Instructions are below:

For WCTS Lunch, Tickets, & Donations, instead of mailing a check, choose Paypal. Make PayPal Payments directly from your computer, tablet and smart phone.

Go To  If you have an account, sign in, On the top navigation line click “Money”  Then choose “Send or Request Money” from left margin,  Choose “Send To Friends & Family”,
Enter Email Address:  Click next, Enter $$$ Dollar Amount,
VERY IMPORTANT You must ”ADD A NOTE STATING WHAT THE PAYMENT IS FOR”  For example:  4/23 Luncheon and I choose the chicken or paying for Fashion show tickets.  DO NOT CHOOSE PAYING FOR GOODS OR SERVICES.

To Set Up a New Paypal Account:  Go To  Click “Sign Up”  There is no cost to have or open a Paypal account. Choose Personal or Business Account – Click Next
Enter Your First Name, Last Name, Email address and Create your password (You must remember your password for the future!)  Click Enter.
Enter Your Full Address and Mobile phone number.
Check the agreement box & Click on the “Agree and Create Account” — Now your account is open
Choose the “SEND MONEY” Try It Now Button
Enter Your Debit or Credit Card number, Expiration Date and CSC (3 digit code from the back of card) (Amex is 4 digits on front of card)  Enter the billing address of your credit card especially if it is different from your home address.
Click “Link Card”  There is no processing fee with a debit card. The fee to use a credit card is 3.1% plus $.30 a transaction.  For a $15 paypal payment, the fee is $0.74.

Send Money to:  Enter:  Click next

Then choose Send Money TO FRIENDS & FAMILY. Enter $$ Dollar Amount to send (make sure “Sending to a Friend” is highlighted or additional fees will be charged. DO NOT CHOOSE “PAYING FOR GOODS OR SERVICES” or fees will definitely be added.
VERY IMPORTANT You must” ADD A NOTE STATING WHAT THE PAYMENT IS FOR”     For example:  4/23 Luncheon and I choose the chicken or paying for Fashion show tickets