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Sherry Orr is getting ready to sell tickets for our FunDay fundraiser Opportunity baskets

Dee Isguzar is enjoying our FunDay fundraiser activities

Our annual Hat Day at our February meeting is always a hit with the members and guests. Here are Sharon Walling, Francie Hamilton and MaryAnn Cozzens enjoying their lunch.

Margo Knighton and Gay Mitchell are arranging a centerpiece idea for our 2018 Fashion Show, which was held at the Heritage Springs Country Club in Trinity.

This was our chosen centerpiece idea for our Fashion Show in 2018

Margo Knighton, Trish Gregory, Dolores Wilson, GFWC Florida President, 2014-16 Carole Weaver, and Sheila Hayter took part in the state Federation Day project of helping at the Canine Companions headquarters in Orlando the day before the fall convention.

Kathy Kornfeld, Mitzi Hunter and Carole Weaver are having fun with their game at our FunDay fundraiser.

Shari Sattinger is showing Sherri Patterson her butterfly tower project for FunDay.

Ashley Rodriguez was the 2017 recipient of our annual Mitzi Hunter Art Scholarship that goes to an outstanding art student at Tarpon Springs High School

Mary Ann Saravanos, Gail Siddiqi and Judy Cassano are enjoying our February Hat Day. This is always a fun meeting, with prizes for the most popular hat creations.





Dolly Vatikiotis, Dee Isguzar and Sherri Patterson are busy making decorations for our upcoming September Tea.

Clever Floating Tea Cups and Saucers will decorate the tables for the September Membership Tea.

dr. seuss groupClub members will be reading Dr. Seuss books to children at the Tarpon Springs Elementary School

trish, cat in hatjpgTrish Gregory is the “Cat in the Hat” reading to children at Tarpon Springs Elementary School

Board for 2018-19 LTR: Sheila Hayter, Linda Eisner, Trish Gregory, Sherri Patterson, Dolly Vatikiotis, Sharon Walling, Priscilla Kowasic, Dee Isguzar and Teddy Stephen (Missing Barbara Micheln and Susan Foy)