Upcoming Events

I can’t believe it. It is August already. So far it has been a hot wet summer but the good part is that our grass and gardens are beautiful

It is time to alert you to the first event of the new season for Tarpon Springs Woman’s Club and that is our Membership Tea. The TEA will be held on September 19, 2018.  Remember it is being held at the Tarpon Springs Yacht Club which is located at 350 N. Spring St from 10:30 – 1:30.

The Yacht Club will be providing the food, so relax and enjoy. The cost is $15.00 per person. They are preparing everything for OUR TEA. Also, there will be ample parking for everyone!  Please remember to send in your reservations so that they can be received by September 12, to WCTS, P.O. Box 1963, Tarpon Springs, FL 346880-1963.  If you are late sending in your reservation, please be sure to contact Barbara Micheln (bmicheln@yahoo.com or 262-287-2215) or Sherri Patterson (sherrip1505@gmail.com or 727-934-5926).  If you are bringing guests, they must be registered as well, but their meal is complimentary (unless you would like to pay for them as your guest).  

We will be having our philanthropy and club exhibits from 10:30 to 11:30. So come early and visit these exhibits and check out our new place.

We have a short presentation on Book Heroes a new endeavor to get young people into reading on their own more often.

We will have a short presentation for Service Award pins. The Board decided to recognize members who have 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of service. We already honor members with 25 and 50 years of service.

Lastly, the Board decided to discontinue asking you to bring stuff to be given to charities in our community, except for the COPS N KIDS PROGRAM at Christmas.

If any of you need help in getting things to charities in our community please call me or any Board member and we will see that your donations get there.

We want you to come, relax, and visit with one another!


NOTICE:  Our club will be participating in the First Friday events now in downtown Tarpon Springs, and we’d love to see you there to support our efforts.   We will have a membership table with information about our club – the purpose is to spread the word about our club and what we do for the community.  It’s a fun evening, with vendors, music and food – what more could you want for an evening’s entertainment.  Hope to see you there!!




This message is long but necessary! The Board of Directors of the GFWC

Woman’s Club of Tarpon Springs has voted to change the location of the Monthly Luncheon Meetings and the Membership Tea to:

The Tarpon Springs Yacht Club

350 N. Spring Blvd.

Tarpon Spring, Florida 34688

Four Board Members visited several venues  and recommended to the Board that we use the Yacht Club because: there is ample parking for our Membership, the inside of the Yacht Club really looks nice with all of the changes, the outdoor patio is wonderful, the quality of food has greatly improved, and we felt welcomed to be there.

Three Board members met with the cook and the food supervisor and we selected great choices for every meal next year.

The cost of the regular meeting meals will be $20.00 to the members and he cost of the Tea will be $15.00 to the members.

We realize that the Membership Tea in the past was free to members but having some members buy the food, prepare the food, and bring the food to the Tea was getting old. In addition, members had to pull out 100 glass plates and cups from storage and wash and dry them before and after the Tea. It is time for a change.

We will still have the Past Presidents pour the Refreshments from our silver tea set. Nothing will change except we will free ourselves of doing the work. The Yacht Club will prepare the tea sandwiches, etc.

For the record, there will be room for the Art Mart and the GWFC Art and Craft Festival at the Yacht Club.

The only event planned for a different location will be the Fun Day Event. It will be held at the Heritage Museum on October 31, 2018.

So, for the record, we will meet at the Yacht Club on:

September 19, 2018.      Membership Tea

October 17, 2018.           Monthly Membership Meeting

November 21, 2018.       Monthly Membership Meeting

December 19, 2018         Monthly Membership Meeting

January 16,2019              Monthly Membership Meeting

February 20, 2019           Monthly Membership Meeting

April  17, 2019                 Monthly Membership Meeting

May 15, 2019                   Monthly Membership Meeting.


I hope you will be pleased with these changes.  More information about the September 19 Membership Tea will be coming to you later.

Teddy Stephen, President